Lami-Lamihan Festival: Lamitan City, Basilan

By donallenthreca On April 8th, 2013

The city of Lamitan was founded way back in 1886 by a well-known Datu called Pedro Javier Cuevas. This datu gained quite a reputation for his leadership and bravery, having been able to escape the San Ramon Penal Farm. His reign even went up to the year 1899.

Lamitan City of Basilan was one of the products of Pedro’s reign. The name of the place comes from “Paglami-lamihan”, which meant some sort of combination of conference and recreation. The city, however, was named by the Spaniards due to one of the many misunderstandings involving the meanings of words. The Spaniards though that the place was named “Paglami-lamihan”. They did not know that the word actually referred to some sort of meeting.

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Despite the fact that the name of the city is derived from a misunderstanding, the festival is very true to its Yakan culture, custom, heritage, tradition and rich history. The celebrations present some of the most unique cultural presentations. You will also get to see the people’s popular Yakan cloth, which had become known the world over not just because of its uniqueness but also because of its beauty and texture.

As expected in a Philippine festival, there is a war dance as well as games. There are lots of other colorful spectacles to enjoy, such as a traditional Yakan wedding. There are also lots of sounds to hear, such as those produced by native musical instruments.


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